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Kristine Hembre

A Coach Who Understands the Whole System

As a retired Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (ret D.O.) I know that a chronic stress is more than just a medical problem. It affects your whole life! I know the impacts of stress on the body and soul.

The medical system is a challenge. In my 20 years of experience in private practice I learned about the obstacles that involve doctors, hospitals and insurance. I understand the struggle of juggling to try and fit all the work and responsibilities into a single day. I know how limited your “free time” is. I am uniquely qualified to help you make the most of the resources available to you.

What does a Health Coach do? I help you find your own answers, find your own ways to combat obstacles and become an happier, healthier person!

What does a Health Coach do?

How can a coach make your life better? Integrative Health Coaching starts with the vision of your healthy, happy self. As your health coach, I help you identify your values, set goals and build the skill set you need to become that person while keeping you focused and accountable as you work toward your goals. I also help you stay motivated. We make adjustments when necessary and we celebrate your successes.

Improve Your Health

I help you reach your health goals by:

  • Listening to your concerns

  • Asking powerful questions

  • Exploring what is most important to YOU

  • Working with you to identify obstacles

  • Creating strategies to help you move forward

  • Supporting you in tracking your progress

  • Holding you accountable to your goals

  • Providing additional resources for making healthy changes

I know your health is about more than medicine. Our partnership develops you into the whole healthy person you want to be, from exercise to spirituality.

How Will We Meet?

I offer coaching in a variety of settings:

  • Individual coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Seminars

We can meet in my office, at your home, by telephone or online!

2316 N. Wahsatch Ave. #226
Colorado Springs, CO 80907




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