Caregiving is a basic component of the human experience. Many have multiple caregiving roles.  While we often enter into these roles willingly, we find ourselves exhausted and losing a part of our self in the process. Today there are over 40 million Americans taking care of a loved one at home.  Over 50% of Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are experiencing “burnout”.  The Surgeon General has made it a priority issue of healthcare today. So you are not alone.

I experienced burn out as a physician and this lead me to Integrative Health Coaching. I am effective in honoring individual values and realigning clients with a healthy lifestyle.  Self care and mindfulness will prevent exhaustion of the care taking role.

Helping caregivers balance their lives as they take care of others is my passion. The caregiver role is so vital to our communities and not appreciated enough.

Visit my site and we can start a journey together to lead you to a life you can enjoy with purpose and happiness.

Dr. Kristine Hembre