My life and training have taught me the repeated lesson of self- compassion. The most important relationship you will have is with yourself.

I stopped my self-torment by the suggestion that I talk to myself like I would to a friend. When my

friends are hurt, happy, confused, or in need, I listen and respond compassionately. Becoming

mindful of the soundtrack of your life opens the door to acceptance and self-compassion. In all my

coaching there is an element of self-reflection and training to manage the self-talk.

Imagine yourself holding all the responsibility for a situation that has you concerned. Now take one

step back and imagine the ring of responsibility widening. What other factors are at play in the

situation?  Now take another step and another as you widen the ring of responsibility. Continue until

the heaviness of the situation disappears. Over bearing criticism can be shaken a bit with this

technique. While I don’t advocate avoiding our portion of any situation we often take far more of the

blame and needless self-judgment. Goalies wouldn’t play a season of win and losses unless they

knew it is a team sport and other plays, penalties, opportunities all have an impact in the game

outcome. Same with your life circumstances.

Make a point to stop yourself and hear the soundtrack of your mind. Notice the tone and the focus

of your thoughts. Become aware of your self-talk. Befriend yourself. Work toward more selfcompassion

by stepping (mentally) out of the center to a wider circle.

Looking at all of today with self-love and understanding makes for a happy soul. You are not the

sum of the mistakes you make but alive today to be human and accepting the many curves life

presents on the journey.

Flow on mindfully and share your thoughts and experiences: